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one more for the (forest service) road

Adventurebikes are rolling out the door quickly these days. Big and orange and ready for adventuretimes, this one is looking pretty great: It has a 1x10 drivetrain with a Wolftooth big cog, plenty of low gears for climbing up some gravelly roads in the wilds of the Northwest. Wheels from Sugar Wheelworks, and a custom adventurerack built here in house at Bantam Bicycle Works Headquarters. Loving the color, Prismatic Powders 'Just Orange' (the name kinda nails it) with sprayed on decals in ivory. As always, I'm excited to see what kind of adventures this bike and it's owner will get into.

The enrollment period for the next batch of adventurebikes is still open, still a few spots left. I'm super stoked to get people out there on these bikes. See here for more info.