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A couple of similar frames nearing completion this week. Both of them are drop bar wide tire gravel road exploration machines. Nearly identical geometries. Both fillet brazed. Same load carrying style (handlebar bags all around, with the option of adding on panniers for overnight trips). Both running a PCD MTB fork crowns on custom built forks. 

There are definitely some differences here though...

The frame on the right side in the photo is getting some fairly traditional components. Cantilever brakes, 1" threaded headset, an 8spd drivetrain, 26" wheels, and regular ol' quick release axles. Tried and true parts that will definitely get you where you are going and get you back home. 

The one on the left will get you to all the same places, here and there and back to your house again, but with a more modern panache. Disc brakes, 142x12mm thru axle rear hub, 100x15mm thru axle front, threadless headset, 650b wheels, and PMW slider dropouts (I believe the customer's going to start out running it with a 2x10 drivetrain, but the possibilities are nearly endless here...). 

I guess the point is that we here at Bantam Bicycle Works World Headquarters do not subscribe to any particular philosophy in terms of how you should part out your bike. And we are more than willing to build your frameset in such a way that it will work with whichever components you choose. It is your bike at the end of the day and it should be what you want.