This is where I'm supposed to tell you that we make the absolute best bicycle frames. That you should totally buy one from us because it will be the best made finished designed looking riding lightest sexiest fastest bicycle ever. But I'm not going to do that. Really, I cannot promise you all that. And would you trust anyone so sure of themself as to make a claim like that? I know I wouldn't. 

What I can promise you is that we will make you the best bicycle that we possibly can. It will not break or fail from regular usage. It will fit you properly. It will handle well for it's designed purpose. It will be at least somewhat aesthetically pleasing, maybe even beautiful. It will take any of the components and accessories it was meant to, without much hassle. It will be well made. And, if you take care of it it will last you a lifetime*.

Bantam Bicycle Works does not specialize in any particular type of bicycle frame. Most of my personal riding tends toward touring and commuting, but I've done just about every kind of cycling there is. We will make, and have made, bicycles dedicated to any discipline. Road, cross, touring, commuting, rando, cargo, tandems, mountain, track, etc... Whatever you can dream up, we can make it happen.

If we had any particular design philosophy, it would be that bicycles are best when they are made to fill one main function. When you try and make one bike do too many things it ends up not doing any of them very well. You will be way happier with your bicycle if it does just the one thing it was designed for, and it does it amazingly.

For photos of current builds please check out our Flickr and Instagram.

*Our framesets come with a lifetime warranty for the original owner, protecting you against failure due to normal usage.