s&s couplers

Like to travel? Like to take your bike with you when you travel? Don't like paying oversized baggage fees on airline flights? Want to ride your own bike when you get to where you are going, not an ill-fitting loaner or rental bike?  

There is a very elegant solution to these problems. We here at Bantam Bicycle Works would be happy to add S&S couplers to your bicycle frame. These ingenious stainless steel beauties allow you to break apart your frame into pieces small enough to put your entire bike into one 26"x26"x10" suitcase. (Tandems can also be coupled, although you will need two cases). 

We are currently able to install couplers into just about any steel framed bicycle. All custom frames from Bantam Bicycle Works can be built with couplers in them, but we can also retrofit most other steel frames with couplers. If you have have questions about whether your existing frame is a good candidate for retrofitting, please contact us, we will happily answer any questions you might have.

We have installed literally hundreds and hundreds of couplers. Not many framebuilders have had the experience that we have in this area. And we would be excited to add you to our list of satisfied customers traveling the globe with their S&S coupled bicycles.

s&s couplers, new frames:

$650 Single bike frame, two couplers

$1950 Tandem frame, six couplers

s&s couplers, retrofits:

$700 Single bike frame, two couplers

$2100 Tandem bike frame, six couplers

There may be an additional charge for some frames, depending on oddly sized or shaped tubes. To be determined on a case by case basis.

travel accessories:

$430 Standard hard case, 26"x25"x10" allowable on most airlines w/o oversized baggage fees

$20 Spanner wrench

$32 Cable disconnects, set of three (one brake, two derailleur)

$16 S&S approved coupler grease 

$55 Frame tube cover pads, for a single bike

$160 Frame tube cover pads, for a tandem

Many other accessories are available from us, this just represents a small selection of the most commonly asked for items. If there is something here you don't see which you are interested in, please contact us for availability and pricing. Accessory prices are subject to change without notice, depending on current rates from our suppliers. 

Prices do not reflect cost of repainting your frame. There will be an additional charge for removing/reinstalling components. We are currently only able to do work on steel bicycle frames. And we will generally not perform work upon frames that have been chromed.