racks and stems


Got a fancy bike? Good. Getting a fancy custom Bantam? Even gooder. Know what will make your special ride that much more special? A custom made rack or stem to go with it. We at Bantam Bicycle Works are happy to offer racks and stems custom made to your specification to go on your bike. 


$475 Basic front or rear rack

$650 Front rack with detachable low-riders

$350 Handlebar bag support

$275+ Decaleur


$375 Threadless stem, fillet brazed

$325 Threadless stem, TIG welded


$400 Quill stem, fillet brazed

$350 Quill stem, TIG welded

Prices quoted include a single color paint.

We absolutely need to have your bicycle in house to fabricate a custom rack for it. And we much prefer to build racks for unpainted bicycle frames. We can work on racks for bicycles that have already been painted, but there will be an additional charge of $75 per rack. This is due to the extra care we need to take in order to not burn off the paint on your bike. Don't care about your paint job? No extra charge.