Bikes gotta have wheels. I mean that's what the name means, right. Bicycle. Two wheels. 

In addition to being a decent framebuilder, I also specialize in handbuilt wheels. Well, 'built' means something different in this context. I don't actually fabricate the spokes and hubs and rims. But there is definitely an art to building wheels. From the selection of the proper components for the rider and purpose to the masterful lacing, truing, and tensioning.

Not to toot my own horn too much (I do like to do that a little bit every now and then, forgive me), but I have built something nearing 1000 wheels in my time in the bike industry. That's no small change, really. Every wheel built at Bantam Bicycle Works comes with a lifetime guarantee for the original owner. (Some limitations. Guarantee only applies toward our labor, not components. Wheels only guaranteed when used for intended purpose.)


$75 per wheel, labor only, includes spoke calculation and Wheelsmith spoke prep, parts not included