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mend and make do, pt. 2 -OR- make mine a double

One of those fun moments of being a framebuilder. Got a call from the customer I was doing that Surly Steamroller repair for.  

"Hey Bob, did you fix that frame yet." 

Thinking in my head 'uh-oh', I just spent a bunch of time working on this and now he's gonna cancel he job. Should've taken a deposit. Dammit... 

"Working on it," I say.  

"Do you think you could put a second top tube on it, about 3-4 inches below the other one?" 

"Sure can." 


A little more mitering and welding and it's done. The most distinctive Surly Steamroller out there. The Double Decker. The Two-for-one Deal-e-o. The  Double Cheeseburger. Twinsies. Or just Make Mine a Double.