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mend and make do

Some bike companies talk a lot of smack about one of the big advantages of a steel frame is that it can be repaired. Ever notice how these places won't actually do any repair work themselves? They most likely won't even refer you to someone who would be able to do it. They will probably just try and sell you a new frame. 

We here at Bantam HQ will try and keep you on the road. (Hopefully with the rubber side down, this time). We do all kinds of repairs on steel bicycle frames.

In the stand right now, a quicky TT replacement on a Surly Steamroller. About half an hour to cut the old tube out and miter a new one. Weld it up and PRESTO! Bike is fixed! 

Cost on this one, including new powder, should end up being a good bit less than a new frame. Totally worth it.