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Olive drab Allroad

Matte finish olive drab Allroad bike built up and ready for delivery. Super nice paint in a matte olive drab from Colorworks. And lots of well chosen parts from the likes of Compass Cycles, Chris King, Velocity, White Industries, Paul Components, Shimano, and SimWorks. Rolling out on 650x48b tires, and a tried and true 9spd drivetrain.

It also has a custom front platform rack with removable pannier mounts and hard mounts for a Wald basket (no zipties here!). You can also see the connectorless Schmidt SL generator hub. Wheel pops in and out without the need to reconnect any wires, the juice flows thru the axle ends (you do need a specially made fork for this option, we are happy to do that on any custom fork we make).

I'm sure this one will be getting lots of miles commuting, touring, and exploring the Pacific NW.