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Yellow gold allroad in VT


Sorry for the lag in postings folks. We had a little bit of a computer flub a month or so ago and lost all of the everything that was on it. Including all the photos of the lovely bicycles I've been making over the last few months. But I've finished up a couple of bikes in the last few weeks, and it's about time to start posting things again.


Just sent off this beautiful lugged, yellow gold metallic allroad bike to Vermont. It's got 650x48b tires to tackle the gravel roads of rural VT, front bag support with detachable pannier mounts, Schmidt connectorless dropouts up front (and internal wiring for the headlight and Compass taillight), MAP drops on the rear, and of course a fantastic paint job from Colorworks. Super sharp looking and reportedly rides just as nice as it looks:


Your bike was a great hit this weekend among a crowd of New Englanders...

It road solidly without a hitch over the weekend of about 230 miles. No shimmy up to 50mph on descents with ~20 lbs up front. And super comfy. Thanks again! 


Here's to hoping it will see lots  and lots of miles in the Vermont sunshine!