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lugged rando frame, pt. iii

I remember reading in the old Proteus frame building manual* that they said the seat lug was the least attractive one on a bike frame. I tend to disagree. I feel like it's where framebuilders can really show off their craft. Where we can display some of our skill and create an individual style to our bikes. 

I'm super happy with how this one turned out. The transition from knife edge at the front of the lug to a distinct edge at the back and how that works with the half-mitered stays. Looks so nice. 

I'll soon be building this bike up. Really excited to see it as a full package with fenders, racks, and baggage. I like to conceive of my frames as how they will work as a full bicycle, aesthetically and functionally. This'll be a good one.

More pics here, and more to come. 

*For those interested, here's a link to a PDF of the Proteus book. A wee bit out of date, but interesting in terms of framebuilding history in the US.