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lugged rando frame, pt. iv

Plugging away it. Customer coming in three weeks from Japan to pick up. Probably be a good idea to have it all ready to go when he gets here...

I have most of the parts on hand, but I'm waiting on a few essential bits before I can finalize the build up, namely the headset and taillight. A bike's not really going anywhere if it doesn't have a headset. And because this build has internal wiring for the taillight, the wires need to be run before the BB and cranks can be installed... Parts have been ordered, waiting has commenced. Everything should be all together in a week or so, with time to spare before delivery. 

Really digging on the color scheme on this one. The green of the frame goes super well wit with the orange of the baggage. Bags made by Guu Wantanabe in Japan. Extremely well made. Props to the customer for good color coordinating.

More pics here