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big, tall, and lugged

Started working on another frame this week. A very tall lugged frame for a very tall gentleman down in SoCal. 68cm ST, 64.5cm TT, made for 700x50ish tires, double top tube, cantis, geometry optimized for gravel road touring, custom racks, and all kinds of carved lug fanciness. It's going to be pretty awesome. 

I haven't made too many lugged frames recently. (Brazed plenty of lugged fork crowns and S&S couples, though). It's been pretty great to break out my lug carving skills again. I do tend to like the pure simplicity of a nicely fillet brazed frame, but it's hard to beat a nicely made lugged beastie in terms of decorative functionality. I hope to be doing more of these in the future. 

A bunch more photos here. Including lots of process pics.