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adventure bike small batch production run

I don't know about where you're from (or maybe I do, if you are a friend of mine...), but people around here like to do this thing were they ride bicycles all loaded up with some amount of camping gear and head off into parts less known. Often these adventures involve riding on 'roads' that barely deserve the title. Forest service roads, logging roads, fire lanes, dual track, tow paths, rail trails, gravel roads, bridle paths, etc.. 

For the most part people make do with whatever bike that they have. Usually a mountain bike with gear strapped to the frame and fork or a touring bike with racks and panniers. The thing is that neither of these is all that well suited to the task at hand. Mountain bikes are really not designed to carry a load beyond the rider. Load them up with a bunch of gear, even with minimalist bikepacking gear, and they tend to handle like crap. Touring bikes are great for riding on pavement, even smoother gravel roads. But on rough roads, out where the gravel resembles the size and shape of a baby's head, a standard touring bike isn't best vehicle to get you and your flask of bourbon to the next campsite.

So what I propose is this: We here at Bantam Bicycle Works are going to do a run of fat tired touring bikes. Purpose built Adventure Bikes that are designed to handle the roughest roads and trails. Whether you're off for an overnight camping trip in the National Forest land near your house, or headed down the entire length of the Great Divide Route we want to make you a bike that will make your trip as exciting, fun, and comfortable as possible. 

The details: Fat tires. Fat means different things to different people when you talk about tires. But think some thing like 26x2.50", 26x3.00", 26x4.00", 27.5x3.00", 29x3.00", etc... (Not assuming here that all the bikes in the run will have the same sized tires, I usually like to fit the tire size to the size of the rider). Disc brakes. Mounts for all manner of racks and liquid carrying devices. Custom geometry to fit your particular person and how you want to load up your bicycle. (Touring bikes with a front load bias require a different kind of geometry than rear load biased bikes in order to keep the bike handling well). Unicrown fork. Single color powder coat job. 

The more details: Price for a frame and fork is $1200. If you would like S&S couplers add $650 to that. We can also provide your new ride as a full bicycle, price for parts dependent on what you get. We'll be starting in on this soon, if you want in put a deposit down for half of the frame cost by February 1st.

There are 'roads' to places like this... Mount Hood Wilderness Area, summer 2014.

There are 'roads' to places like this... Mount Hood Wilderness Area, summer 2014.