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custom taillight mount


So I love generator lighting systems. As in I like them so much I haven't owned a bike that didn't have one in 14 years or so, since the first time I built up a wheel with a generator hub. They are the perfect bicycle lighting system. Light weight, super efficient, durable, mostly theft-proof, and they never need batteries or charging. The headlights continue to get better. The new LED lamps are far brighter than the old halogens, and never burn out. They now all have standlights so they stay lit for a while after you stop your bike. And they draw so little power that I never bother to even turn off my lights in the daytime...


But to me the weak point in all of this has been the taillights. Sure they are adequately bright. Have a standlight so they won't go out immediately after you stop moving. But they are always so large and clunky looking. A few years back Supernova came out with their version of generator lights. Bright, durable, and nice to look at. The taillight was even a huge improvement. It is the smallest and brightest of any I've ever seen. The leap in functionality achieved by running the taillight off of the capacitor in the headlight. Meaning that the taillight needs to only be the actual LEDs themselves and a housing. Brilliant.

Not brilliant is that there is no easy way to mount it to a fender (to me the nicest and best place to position a taillight). I guess this is where I stepped in and did something about it. Over the years I've come up with various solutions to this problem. Think I may have finally got it down, by integrating the light mount into the fender stay. Keeps things all svelte and unified looking, aesthetically pleasing and stable, and positioned where it is most visible to other road users. Perfect.

More photos of this bike here.