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dark brown commuter

Delivered a frame to it's customer the other day. A pretty straightforward build. Belt drive, disc brakes, IGH (Internally Geared Hub), TIG welded commuter bike. Nothing too special there. 

The thing that made this bike different was it's customer. One should never assume that the buyer of a custom frame is purchasing a 'luxury item'. This particular fellow has always had a difficult time finding a frame that would properly fit him. He's got an atypically longer torso and arms coupled with shorter legs. Off-the-rack bikes never felt good to him. He always had to buy ones that were small enough to accommodate his inseam, which ended up having a far too short top tube. So his bikea felt uncomfortable to him, and he wouldn't ride as often or as far as he would like to.

More photos  here.

More photos here.

Here's where yours truly comes in. Custom frames to me aren't about being fancy. They are not about being the lightest, the best, or the most expensive. They are all about being your bike. The one that fits you great and works well for the purpose(s) that you want to use it for. I made this fine gentleman a frame that will fit him well, and be comfortable on his daily commute to and from work. To be all the things he never had in a bicycle.

I don't want to make you a piece of art to hang on the wall. I want to make you your favorite bike. And I want you to ride the crap out of it. Because the best bike is the one that gets ridden all the time.