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Black Bike Black Friday Sale


Capitalism at its best!

We’ll be running a one day sale on Black Friday, November 23rd, this year. For any deposit put down that day on a new frameset you will receive a 15% discount off of the normal frameset price.

Here’s the caveat. (There’s always a catch, right?). It’s Black Bike Black Friday. So you can get your new bike any color you want as it’s black (a la Henry Ford). Don’t want your bike to be painted black? Not a problem, but not part of the sale. All BBBF Sale bikes are gonna be black. Probably a nice matte finish. Nothing fancy. But it’ll look good, don’t worry. Single color decals, with a head tube decal instead of a headbadge. Keeping it simple.

Any type of bike. TIG, fillet, or lugged. You would be put into the queue as normal (about 7-8 months out currently). Full builds always available, but sale does not apply to components.

So gives us a shout, an email, or a phone call on Black Friday. Or before, if you want to discuss details before putting a deposit down. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

-Just not on Turkey Day, please. I’ll be too busy stuffing my face full of food to answer the phone.