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The second Bantam tandem to roll out of the shop is nearly ready to go. While I may have built quite a number of bicycles built for two at a previous job I had, most of the work that's come out of the Bantam shop since we opened have been single rider bikes. I am glad to have the opportunity to make another tandem.

They are a bit more of a design challenge than a single bike. The geometry doesn't transfer very well from singles to tandems. There are changes that needs to happen to account for the longer wheelbase and increased weight on the wheels. And there are more than twice as many joints on a tandem than on a single. So much more mitering and fitting and welding. 

But the end effect is really nice, and well worth the effort IMO. Especially if it means that there is one more happy tendeming couple out there in the world enjoying their bike.

This one comes equipped for disc brakes, room for 26x2.25" tires, a mite rear end, S&S couplers for ease of travel, front and rear derailleurs, racks, fenders, a custom made segmented fork, and more water bottle mounts than you can shake stick at. We'll posting pics of it all paintered up soon.