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snow day

We had a rare surprise snow storm here in Portland yesterday. Woke up to everything being blanketed in white. We haven't seen any snow in about two years, and I tend to forget how beautiful cities look after a fresh snowfall. 

I of course had to take the opportunity to go for a fat bike ride on the nearly car-free streets. I have yet to not be amazed how well 3.8" tires will go on the snow. Almost as if the snow wasn't there at all. (Except for the part where I could do awesome skids and slides when I wanted to...). I don't know if I would make the statement that a fat bike is a 'must have' for people who live in climates as temperate as Portland, OR, but it was so worth it for number of smiles it gave me riding around in the last couple of days. (Not to mention that I made it five miles to work without falling over this morning.)