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650b mixte

Handed off this little beauty to the customer the other day. Fairly quick project, TIG welded 650b mite city bike for a short lady. I'm stoked on how some of the detailing came out. Especially like the treatment of the tops of the seat stays. Felt like it was a really nice way to adapt my semi-signature Bantam seat stay top to a mixte frame. Also doing a little experimentation with riveting on the headbadge with hand hammered copper rivets. Seemed to work very well on my test runs, and it looks great. This is something that they used to do on bike frames way back in the day. These days headbadges seem to be either glued/taped on (production bikes) or held on with screws (custom frames). The copper rivets were a bit more work, but the effect is really nice.

More pics here