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big, tall, and lugged, pt. vi

Best day of the year: New Bike Day! Curtis flew up from San Diego, CA to pick up his new bike. This bike all built up seems kinda huge to me (the saddle height was almost at my nipples...) but the customer thought it fit just right. (In his defense he is a full 12" taller than me). He was understandably stoked about it. It's pretty rare that someone situated in the upper 1% of people sizes has a bike that actually fits them. And fits them well. And rides like a dream. (According to him at least, there wasn't anyway that I'd ever be able to stand over it). 

He's going to set off riding his new ride down the Pacific coast back to SoCal in a couple of days. If you see him wish him well on his journeys and give his new ride a good ogle. It's a pretty nice one.

More pics here.