bloggy business

the not as glamorous part

There's a lot to this biz that's not particularly photogenic. As much much as I do love throwing pics of sexy looking bikes and beautiful places that my creations have taken me and my customers, it's not always so worthy of bringing out the camera. But worry not blog readers of the interweb, work continues over here at Bantam Bicycle Works Headquarters.

We've been doing the not so sexy work of finishing up a few frames. It's funny how much effort you can put into facing head tubes, tapping bottom brackets, reaming seat tubes, checking alignment, etc... and just end up with something that looks exactly like what you started with. It is all very important work, it's very understandable how a customer might want to be able to install their components on their fancy new bike frame. Kinda hard to ride a bike without all the bits that make it work.

So in the last week, we've wrapped up three frames, almost four, ordered and received the frame bits for the next five bikes, did a lot of organizing and cleaning. Getting ready for the next round of making stuff. (And we even managed to get outside a smidge to enjoy the early season sunshine and good weather here in PDX, hard not to when it's been so nice out).