bloggy business

with a little help from my friends

As I get older I've come to realize a few things. Well I don't really consider myself all that old, gonna be 40 this year, but I've been around the block a few times. But one thing that I have discovered is that I don't have to do everything myself. As in I don't need to learn every single aspect of how to do everything that I need to do for my business. There are people out there that know how to do thing I don't. There are those out there that just do things better than I am capable of doing myself. 

Case in point: Working on building up the latest Bantam bicycle for my customer. This one had a rasket designed for a wooden top. The customer specifically requested some cutouts in the wood. (I like the look as well, and it lightens up the front end a little bit). I thought about ways of cutting the wood myself. And then remembered that I share a shop with three very fine woodworkers. Spark of inspiration! I could ask one of them to cut it for me. Good idea, me.

Chris Miller of C. Miller Guitars (check him out) kindly cut the wood and routered the slots in it. Did a much better job than I am capable of doing. I am very grateful to him and the awesome amounts of creativity that goes on around 1515 SE Ankeny St. here in Portland, OR.