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new tool day, part iii

Though I've been trying to keep my machine tool purchasing to a minimum, I did buy another piece of machinery recently. Another local frame builder (Vertigo Cycles) was selling off some of his equipment to make room for a bigger machine. I picked up his old Index no. 55 vertical mill. It should nicely round out my tool department, along with the Monarch lathe and Cincinnati horizontal mill. It'll be a bit until I can get it up and running. Have to run wiring over the the machine, buy a little bit of tooling. But I'm pretty stoked to have it at the shop. 

A note on moving machinery: These things are heavy. This little guy (the movers actually had it down on the invoice as "mill, small") weighs in around 2000lbs. Not chump change, but not anything near the 4000lbs. both of my other machines weigh. We mostly move things around by roller bars and muscle power around these parts. Thanks a ton (it was literally a ton) to all my peeps that helped push and shove this thing in through the door into the shop. I'm very grateful to you all.