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enduro allroad enduro, pt. i

Is it a new kind of bike? No one is quite sure.

Is it going to a super a fun bike to ride around on dirt and gravel? Yes.

Built for gravel roads, dual track, maybe even some single track. Wide tires (650x58b or 27.5x2.25"? No one is quite sure...), disc brakes, and drop bars. A front rack for carrying snacks, maybe some low-riders if you wanna go on a short camping trip out in the middle of now where. Throw in a custom stem, and voila! Fun waiting to happen.

But just like any other bike made here at Bantam Bicycle Works World Headquarters, you gotta start somewheres. Designing the frame and cutting the tubes. Fitting and tacking the front triangle. The first joint that gets brazed and finished on any Bantam frame is the TT/ST junction. Needs to happen before the seat stays get put on. (Well it doesn't really have to be that way, but with the way we make things it's a bit more efficient).

There will be a lot more pics of this one coming up soon.