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little dude needs a new bike, pt. ii

Bike powder coated, in what I would call "Nuclear Monkey Vomit Green". It positively glows in the sunlight. Built it up with 20" wheels, SP dynamo front hub, Ultegra rear, Deore 1x9 drivetrain, V-brakes, fenders, B&M headlight and taillight, and the same shorty Redline BMX cranks that have been on his last 2 bikes. 

Needless to say, my kid was super stoked. He gave me a "Triple Thumbs-Up" when I asked him how he liked it. This is a maneuver that Wade made up himself. Described as: "See my tongue? I'm doing a thumbs-up with that too. So it's like I'm doing a triple thumbs-up!"

I'm happy he likes it. Happy that he's excited to ride it around. And most of all I'm happy to be a part of my child's steps towards independence. Looking forward to the days when he will be riding his bike to school by himself, and setting off on weekend bike tours with his friends. 

The "Triple Thumbs-Up"

The "Triple Thumbs-Up"