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sunrise coffee club 12/4/13, 7:34am


So some folks I know and I do this thing sometimes where we get up stupid early and ride our bikes to the top of a hill to watch the sun come up, drink some coffee (or tea), and socialize a bit before heading off to our respective workplaces for the day. Sound like fun? It is. Even today, which was beautifully clear and crisp and ridiculously cold. I think the temperature up on top of Council Crest was somewhere in the teens this morning.

After a brisk, warming ride up the west hills we parked ourselves at the top and made our beverages and foodstuffs. I broke out the mini cast iron pan to whip up some bacon and eggs for the peeps. Ate it with sauerkraut and nearly frozen bread. 

Enjoyable, though it was generally agreed upon that we were rather underdressed for the cold. My hands were completely numb by the time I got back down. LIke I-know-my-brain-is-sending-the-signals-to-my-hands-to-squeeze-the brakes-but-the-only-way-I-know-they-are-doing-their-job-is because-my-bike-is-slowing-down kind of cold.  Good times.