stuff to buy

This is the place where we list things not directly related to bicycles that we will sell to you. 


Right now, the only merch we have to offer is this kind of awesome mini cast iron pan. It starts life looking like the rest of it's metallic brethren. But then we do bad things to it. We mill down the sides, chop off the handle, and reshape the edge to accept a standard camping pot-grabber. Perfect for cooking up your bacon and eggs in the morning on that quick overnight camping trip. Weighs in at about 16oz.

$50 (Currently only available with the purchase of a bicycle frame)


What a super awesome bike? Want it right now? RIde a 53cm frame? It could be your lucky day. 

I'm selling off the last frame I made for myself while I was at Bilenky Cycle Works. It was intended as a rough road/randonee type bike. I never actually rode this frame, but I did have it built up and it sat around in my shed for a year or so, hence the paint is in very good condition, with only a few minor nicks.

Constructed in the bi-laminate style and made with predominantly True Temper S3 tubing, this is probably the lightest frame that I worked on while at BCW weighing in at 1500g (it was only 1300g before paint...). Sizing: 530mm ST c-c, 550mm TT c-c. Fits 700x28c tires with fenders, long reach sidepull brakes, and a 1 1/8" headset. 130mm spaced rear end.

Comes with what you see in the photo. Frame and fork, Chris King headset and Shimano long reach sidepulls. Price: $2200 OBO. I could also provide this as a whole bike, price depending on what kind of parts you would like.

More photos here.